About the Program

In the current library environment, academic and public libraries tend to work independently from each other when making collection management decisions such as retention, storage, and preservation. Representatives from multiple library sectors in Western New York have worked together to develop a collaborative program - the Empire Shared Collection Program – to address these issues.

Planning and implementation of the Empire Shared Collection Program was funded in part through member project grants from the Regional Bibliographic Data Bases and Interlibrary Resources Sharing Program (RBDB) awarded to the Western New York Library Resources Council by the New York State Education Department. The program is governed by a Steering Committee consisting of one representative from each participating library. The Steering Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining policies, agreements and procedures for the establishment and maintenance of the program.

A result of this collaboration is the establishment of the Empire Shared Collection Repository (ESCR) which provides continuing access to a shared collection of seldom-used serial-type materials. The ESCR collection is housed in the high-density storage Annex operated by staff of the University at Buffalo and is funded through annual membership fees. The initial collection is based on the overlap of serial holdings between the participating libraries and the materials housed in the Annex. The collection will expand to include unique serials and “last copy” monographs.

More information about the program and the repository can be provided by contacting Nicole Colello, Project Coordinator.


As of 4/5/2018, the Empire Shared Collection includes

titles and items


  • Retain, donate, or deselect print materials in accordance with local needs.
  • Re-purpose library stacks space for other uses.


  • Share in the cost effective high-density storage of low use print materials.
  • High density storage has been calculated as 1/10th as expensive as traditional library open stacks housing.


  • Consider and count the Empire Shared Collection as part of their print collection.
  • Contribute materials to the collection to ensure perpetual access.


  • Free and reliable document delivery of Empire Shared Collection materials to member library users via traditional interlibrary loan practices.
  • One business day turnaround time for all requests.


  • One representative from each member institution will be included in the Empire Shared Collection Steering Committee.
  • The Steering Committee will collaborate in the decision-making of the program.

Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures (PDF)